Succes of Bolivia Eradicate Illiteracy

Education is liberate. Without education, even if people stillilliterate, the revolution will lose eagle release.

Evo Morales, President of Bolivia from descendants of original inhabits, he understands about it well. Because of it, it is not too long after serving of President in 2006. Evo launching the big campaign to eradicate illiterate

Morales awake, nobody chooses to be ignorant. Accourding to him, ignorance and illiterate is very relate with colonialism who wanted to conquer Bolivian forever. “they dont want the people of bolivia, especially the natives, be lliterate, “said Morales

The result is very wondering. Only for three years, Evo Morales Goverment succes to liberate people of bolivia from illiteracy has been shackled people of bolivia during about 2 centuries more when proclaimed independents in 1825.
Then at 17 july ago, the UN agency in charge of Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) has declared Bolivia as a zone free of non-literate.

Bolivia, the second pourest country in Latin Amerika, become third Latin Amerika country that succes eradicate illiterate. Before it, Kuba in 1961 and Venezuela in 2005. This case proves that budget factor is not the important thing in eradicate illiterate, but willpower politic from goverment and people.

This time we are on levels 3,8 % of illiterate. A country was declared free from illiteracy that is below 4 % (UNESCO Standart), ”said Deputy minister of education Bolivia, Noel Aguirre, as quoted in Telusur (18/7/2014).

The interest thing, Bolivia succesfull to eradicate illiteracy whitin a sort time can not be separated from their succes that adopt Kuba’s methode : “Yo sí puedo(Yes, i can)”. This methode is become key of succes of Venezuela in eradicate illiterate in 2005.

Level of illiterate is very high in Bolivia. A total 1,2 millions from 9,2 million of inhabits is can not reading and writting. Most of them are natives : Quechua, Aymara, Chiquitano and Guarani. And then, the majority of illiterate is women.

Moreover, most of them that illiterate lived in rural zone and slum in the city. Indeed,illiterate is very close with proverty. In Bolivia, before Evo Morales ruling, as many as 70 % the population live below proverty line.

Well, in early time, with methode “Yo sí puedo (Ya, Aku Bisa)”, Kuba mobilize the educated to teach literacy for 819,417 people (about 99% of them illiterate) in 28.424 centers of eradicate illiteracy in Kuba. They are helped by 130 advisers from Kuba and 47 from Venezuela.

Contributions Kuba and Vebezuela is indeed not small. Kuba donates 30.000 televisions and videos, 17 cassette manual of taeching, and 1,2 millions books. Kuba and Venezuela too donates 8.350 solar panels to ensure the implementation of teaching and learning in areas in not reached by electricity.

Bolivia itself prepare 46,457 pasilitator and supervisor addition, from first step, Bolivia’s budget 36,7 USD for fun these activites.

Moreover, the volunteers are very active. They come to areas of illiteraty. In frequently, they have to walk tens of kilometers to reach rural area and mountains. They have to fight againts cold weather in the highland in Bolivia. Moreover the territory is ruled by the opposition. The volunteers are very often under pressure and intimidation.

Often opened class is loaded in open space. Somethimes is also in houses. And the time is uncertain : somethimes the time arranged matching leisure of farmer and indigenious people. Alresdy then, most of indigenious people is natives Bolivian that only fluent talk in natives mother language.

Interestly, this program is not finish only for lliteracy. But, after that, teaching is developed to learn spanish language, Mathematic, Geography, History and Natural sciences. Participants also equipped technique skills. Even, participants are encouraged to continue study to high level. In the Bolivian contitutions, that was passed in 2009, expressed that education is the people’s rights and free up to the college level.

That is the succes of Bolivia. So, in summary, as long as there is a strong political determination, eradicate illiterate will be succes.

Raymond Samuel

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