Women In A Frame Glass

58diskriminasi-perempuan-indonesia.ucanews.com_Being female is a gender destiny omnipotent and determined by gender given to each man. In the theory of the creation of man described by Islam, mention if the first man created was a man that Adam, then to build the human clan was created Eve female created from Adam’s rib.

In this story, we believe that the process of formation of women is derived from a small part of the male body the ribs. Then, the story is a wonderful groove in mind-the mind of man for generations. But, for me if it is true it is about the story of the creation of woman from the rib men then I’m sure it only happens in the story of Adam and Eve. Moreover, the other women who were born after that is not derived from the rib partner but rather comes from the interaction of their biological parents.

This is a description of a more rationalist than discuss about ribs. Women really need to get out of various narrow definition of who they are and about the necessity and obligation of what they are entitled. Women also have to be aligned in terms of thought and action with men. However, currently there are some women who distort the facts about the role of the female figure in the community, including:

Women and Pornography

In wikipedia Pornography interpreted from the Greek language porne (prostitutes) and graphos (image or text), which literally means writing or drawing on prostitutes. But, which then appears to be the definition of a derivative is always identified as a female pornography or pornographic = female.

Rationalization is certainly very sad contrast to the psychological condition of women who would not want the public judge for themselves. Even pornography law that was passed on October 30, 2008 in fact only further marginalize women on the harder side, where women then it is considered as the culprit of the pornographic or sexually explicit. Most CBOs female judge even if the contents of this law is just a cliché about the hatred against women. Because the definition of pornography itself tends to taper on the female side, which led to new rules do not formally on the necessities for the women who actually do not need. Among them about the necessity of women in dress, act, talk etc.

In Indonesia, although the emancipation of women and equal rights are recognized, but the presence of women in space and time are still considered to disrupt the morality of society, including by the women themselves. With so regarded also as a threat to the establishment of the State building. The government therefore needs to be burdened with the task of regulating the female body in space and time and guarantee not to destroy the building of the State. This is the anxiety of some people on the spread of pornography and pornographic. How not called oppressed, if this day is still the female body contentious political territory.

Therefore, it is important for women’s struggle is to reassert a positive definition of women by women themselves, with the stereotype of women being built by the mass media and advertising through its negative impact on women’s health, which touches their private lives. In addition to the struggle against censorship, so that women can take control of their own bodies, as well as health, fertility and sexuality them without charges committed fornication and various other oppressive measures.

Women as Commodities

No doubt about it, if the capitalist today become a symbol of a new era of slavery that impacts ‘comfort in oppression’. No exception for women. Today women are the largest objects to the capitalist, either as an object or as an object Marketting market.

Women as objects of the market has been successfully delivering women as the consumptive massif. Today almost all of the products on the market are mostly products that are currently in the collection of women. Good cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, slimming drugs, kitchen tools, food, transportation and much more. All that success into a product collection almost all women in the world.

Then, women as objects is equally successful Marketting deliver millions of beautiful women whose bodies were used to market their products to sell well in the market, ranging from commercials to Sales promotion Girl (SPG). This condition then becomes increasingly a dilemma for women definitions implied in various advertising products that are marketed, because the technique is successful Marketting build mainset if women should be like some of the commercials are in fact pretty, white, tall and slim.

It is then further erode the confidence of women against their bodies and this is desired by the capitalists, the products they became barren desert of hope amid the lack of a sense of trust-reliance of women and realizing the body according to the depiction in the advertisement. Event in fact, the definition of beauty This is just an illusion that deliberately built capitalist to market their products which make women as objects and objects Marketing market.

Discrimination of Women Workers

In the theory of Marxist feminism, capitalism explained if the full equality for women can not be achieved, since individual liberation is impossible for sexism is still a social problem that blow from institutional oppression against women. The problems are such sexism, women’s rights in education, the position of women in society, low wages and working conditions for women, violence and rape, the narrow definition of the social roles of women were confined as a wife and mother in the family.

I need to know who threw the ruling political reversed women in positions just as a wife and a housewife who just fuss by domestic activities only manifesto ruling that the government is no longer responsible for the jobs of women who are already married amid the lack of employment issues. So that the authorities began to turn the discourse if married women are housewives who are required to take care of the house.

In addition, the labor situation, low wages politics conducted by highly discriminatory capitalist felt by women, where there is a wage gap between men with women on the grounds if the female labor standards under the standard working men. not only that, the difference in benefits between men who are married to women who are married also showed the presence of acute discriminatory acts. Where are the men who are married get more benefits for their families while women workers do not get it.

Plus, when it gained access to the work by women is not wide enough. Where there are some jobs that can not be felt by women and is only intended for men. whereas, more extensive women’s access to productive jobs, and jobs as well as through non-traditional socialization of domestic jobs, the easier it is to condition the women overcome the oppressive habits. Capitalism in his capital accumulation attempt opens the opportunity for women to gain access to jobs, but exploitative character destroying the productive power of women, coupled with the current neoliberal policy package that destroys opportunity to obtain job. Women today, women like to be in glass frame. Being able to see the broad rapidly across, but not able to move freely, independent thinking, determine the choice of a democratic fashion to speak out freely and get the same rights as any other people on earth.

Women and the necessity to Organize

In the history of Indonesian women’s movement before independence, we already know a lot of women based organizations, ranging from Kartini, Dewi Sartika, Putri Mahardika to Aisha. However, we know only the women’s wing of the People SI was the one who really devoted himself to organizing and building radicalization poor women. Women workers and peasants have been much earlier engaged in the messy process of production of the colonial vile sort of cultivation, suffered oppression and humiliation itself as proletariat. This is similar to the American and European women’s movement in the 18th century, which focuses its demands on the right to vote (universal suffrage).

But, then the women’s movement is considered quite disturbing for the authorities to bring the movement to deleting “neolib” completed. based on the history of oppression extreme women’s movement, it turns out that oppression is not only about the history of exclusion but conquest. So even in Indonesia, subjugation of women conducted by the cruel and brutal. The notes for this was already a lot. Fairly complete and focus such as books Saskia Wieringa Eleonora, Destruction Women’s Movement in Indonesia, published Garba Culture, Jakarta. By reading this book, we can understand that the development of women’s movement organizations now stands on the ruins of the women’s movement after the victory of the New Order. Severe damage was almost unimaginable for an idealist how they are going to start building the women’s movement in Indonesia. That there is widespread conservatism: Dharma Wanita, the PKK, in which women are forced to appear as the patriarchal conception, namely soft, shy, spoiled, not aggressive, not literacy matters such as political machismo and power.

The conquest of the women’s movement has become a real historical evidence that militarism in Indonesia hit women and movements. Not only the tragedy of the destruction of the women’s movement in 1965 which became evidence of military crimes against women. Rape of women in East Timor, Aceh, Papua, Ambon is a series of militaristic oppression of women at the time.

However, based on the history Indonesian women’s movement, we can judge if the resurrection of women marked by the opening of the thoughts of women and became active in various organizations. The next question is, why women felt the need to organize or organize themselves? is about the necessity for women to get out of the definition of self-definition, harmful to the women themselves, began to think open, aware of the oppression, and begin to understand if the condition of Indonesian society within the framework of space and motion discrimination against women’s active. Organization necessary for women container in exchange thoughts, ideas and moving channel based creativity.

Here trained women will begin to show his ability, is no longer affected by a living limitof traditional-religious society, where women like her bandaged by spun clothes. Various forms of oppression against women as I have described above which is a form of oppression that is enough structural. Where the oppression of women is not only done by the system, but it involves religion with its organs are often issued fatwas discriminatory, then also customs and culture senagaja or unintentionally turned on in Indonesia. Therefore, this structural oppression need to give birth to the fight-fight given that organized in a container of pure movement, the women’s movement organizations are truly born of the basic problems of poor women.

In general we know that at this time the women’s movement is still small, fragmented, yet widespread. In terms of character, still dominated by the character-moderate reformism. Not to have a concrete class character. And to complete the democratic revolution and liberate women from oppressioning Movement must Big, Strong, Unite, area and has Character Class Struggle. And the current situation is not yet at that goal. Therefore, the development of women’s organizations base is essential to realizing the democratic revolution and stop the oppression of women. Revive women and their built up of comfort in an atmosphere of oppression.

Rismayanti Borthon (EK-LMND Chairman Bandar Lampung and Agrotechnology Student, Faculty of Agriculture, Univ. Of Lampung)

Source article: http://www.pojoksamber.com/perempuan-dalam-bingkai-kaca/



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